The Sinister-(3):- Now people use it only for pee !


Three year ago I watched a movie ‘The children of man’…A movie of dystopian situation.

Have you ever imagine this world without sins/immoralities or inappropriateness?
I did. …and come up with this idea.

Once upon a time in this universe there was a planet with 70% area covered with water and 30% areas covered with land but still used to known as ‘EARTH’ aka planet ‘Blue’.

Now, on that planet people are in great trouble…in state of boredom.No one just want to live anymore. (“what we are living for…? if we could get anything, equally and very easily then what point of being strong;special; or eligible?)

They used to think… Once upon a time in this place people used to struggle for almost every things but now there is satisfaction everywhere. No one killing anyone. There is no discrimination on the basis of sex; race;religion;ethnicity…fuck it. Everyone looking with each other with eyes of fraternity;brotherhood;sisterhood;motherhood.

Life could be more fucked up if you don’t have struggle at all. In previous time people use to kill one another on the name of love ;hate;jealous;sexual orientation;sexual gratification. … But now things have been changed. No one do any immorality like robbery;stalking; or honor killing.

In previous time there was rejuvenation..that you have to work for that thing what you need, like, for promotion in job you have to lick the asses/pussies of your bosses; if you want pass the semester exam you have to go down under the table and show some magic with your tongue; or any others fun activities/ etiquettes.
But now things or easy going just do your job and you will get promotion, no anyone anymore invite you to lick his/her ass/pussy.If you want to pass your exam you have to do your assignments as simple as that, no anyone anymore invite you to heal him by going under table.

Once there were time when there were lots of organisations for different sorts of trouble like, police, human organisation,peace departments ,UNO etc.But they have been extracted from society cause of no crime. Now people have changed completely. They have been hippies, no one hate one another. They are just fucking so good to one another.

Things are getting worse day by day. So, government, consequently, are establishing some organisations, and recruiting people as a disturbing elements…so people could find some interest in there lives…but as you know in this fucking phase of fucked up time no one wants to do anything wrong. They just want to make their livelihood from a good causes. No one want any type of rest/luxury in their life.

Rapists are looking at girls with respect, they now believe that they (girls) are like their sisters. Thieves say they want to do some exercise so instead of stealing they prefer some physical works. Politicians, are now really making different in societies. hookers are now fucking peoples for social welfare (with no cost).There is no any judicial court anymore.

People, now, have been completely mechanical. They follow rules;duty;laws. Now they are what, what they always wanted to be.There body parts have became nut-bolts and bodies become machines.

They don’t feel thrust of testosterone/estrogen.They don’t jerk off, they don’t sex. Now, people use it only for pee.